This Rural Town Hides Two Barn-Find Jaguars

You never know what lives in the garage across the street.

Oldsmobile's Rad Performance Prototypes From 1985

It's too bad these never made it into production.

21-Mile Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution for Sale in CA

It's basically new, and you can own it.

The New Class spawned two legends that cemented BMW's reputation. This is the first: one of the first turbocharged cars ever built, predating Saab and Porsche by at least a year. And BMW wanted you to know it, with huge flares and huge TURBO graphics on the front bumper, so drivers of lesser vehicles could get out of the way. Like all early turbos, its unrefined Triple-K unit laid on the boost like an on-off switch, and the car could turn on you, literally and figuratively.
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The Corrado Helped Save Volkswagen in the US

When the Corrado came out, Volkswagen wasn't doing so hot.

This Montana Man Owns No Fewer Than 26 Oldsmobile Toronados

And that's not all he has.

This Vintage Car Collection in Montana Is Perfectly Diversified

Rotary Mazdas, pre-war steam cars, BMW sedans... this place has it all.

1992 Ford Taurus
This Was the Taurus at the Beginning of Its Sales Domination

In 1992, the Ford Taurus was the best-selling car in America for the very first time, a title it would hold for half a decade.

Bentley Is Making a Dozen Blower Bentley Reproductions

Applications are being taken to buy one of the painstaking reproductions, based on the famous 1929 team car.

Nissan Needs to Start Selling Restored 300ZX Twin Turbos

Two decades ago, Nissan sold lovingly-restored 240Zs in new-car showrooms. The time has come to resurrect this project—with the 300ZX.

Please Listen to the Straight-Six Symphony of Maserati's '50s F1 Car

The 250F makes a seriously great noise.

This Lifted Ford Bronco Is Actually a Pre-Runner Underneath

The suspension is all new, meaning this truck is ready to hit any sand dune you throw at it.

McLaren's First-Ever Road Car Makes a Wonderful Noise

The M6GT wasn't McLaren's most popular model, but it still has a great soundtrack.

This Airplane-Shaped Car Has Four Wheels, But the Law Only Recognizes Three

If you buy this Pulse autocycle, you'll get to register it as a three-wheeler—despite the fact that it's got four wheels.

"Chasing Classic Cars" Star Wayne Carini Picks the Best-Made Cars of All Time

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You Can Drive the Same Car As the First Man in Space
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All The Ways the Lamborghini Diablo Is Better Than the Countach

The Countach is an icon. But its replacement, the Diablo, had a whole lot of improvements.

Owning a Land Rover From the Camel Trophy Is a Special Privilege

This one's been partially restored, and it's still used to traverse harsh landscape to this day.