BMW Won't Do Big-Kidney-Grille Thing Forever

BMW design director Adrian von Hooydonk explains why the new 7-Series has huge kidney grilles, and why the next one might not.

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What you see here is a four-cylinder Ford. But that Italian wonder is far from the rarest at Berlin's Deutsches Technikmuseum.

Audi Needed to Disassemble the Back Half of an R8 to Make This Picture

That's right. These are all real R8 parts.

Red Lamborghini Countach
How Horacio Pagani Saved the Lamborghini Countach
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Even when they're not 100-percent functional, hood scoops add style and flair to a performance car design.

Porsche Built Three Wild Wide-Body Audi 100 Coupes to Help Develop the 928

Audi never made a 100 Coupe with a V-8. That's where Porsche came in, though they weren't for public consumption.

This otherwise anodyne sedan introduced the "beak" grille that marred the brand's production models for years to come. Only now has Acura design begun to recover.
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Named "Allrad," this vintage 356 rolls on the highly modified chassis from a 1990 Carrera 4S.

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Dr. Bob Hieronimus' creation for Woodstock '69 was lost, but not forgotten. And now, the iconic hippie bus is back.

Here's Why Cars Use Both Port and Direct Injection

It might not make much sense on the surface. But there are lots of good reasons.

How About an Eight-Liter Lamborghini V12?

It's very similar to the first 3.5 Lamborghini V12 Bizzarrini created for the 350GT, but it's so huge, they wouldn't put it in a car.

Guess Where The Alfa Romeo SZ's Spare Tire Hides!

We had to wait thirty years to learn about this.

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